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Key Factors To Consider When Buying A Dog Shock Collar For Large Dog Breeds

Dog shock collars are devices used in training dogs mainly to give a response to specific commands and reduce or eliminate certain undesired behavior. Training is made by giving an electric shock to this dog whenever the dog showcases unwanted behavior or does not comply with a command. Intentionally, shock collars should not punish your dog but instead prevent them from committing behavior perceived as negative. The theory behind this training is that dogs eventually learn to associate unwanted behavior with a mildly uncomfortable jolt, hence stop doing it to the point they no longer need a reminder. The shock administered by approved shock collars is safe, so while it will certainly capture your dog’s attention and prevent it from committing unwanted behavior, it won’t do the dog any physical harm.

There are now some shock collars commonly called E-collars which offer several features such as vibration and tones which can either be used alone or together with the shock. There are plenty of shock collars in the market for large dog breeds but, some shock collars work noticeably better than others. By examining the various features provided by different models, it is possible to distinguish good shock collars from bad ones. Make sure to find out more here!

First of all, a key feature to consider has multiple correction types. Many shock collars only administer an uncomfortable jolt, but the best shock collars can also trigger audible sounds or vibrate. It is often preferable to start from the mildest revisions and gradually advance to more intense ones as deemed necessary. It is worth noting that many dog shock collars come with four types of corrections, that is vibration, an electric shock, blinking lights, and an audible tone. A blinking light may not offer much value in terms of correcting your dog but is still useful for understanding your dog in the dark. Be sure to read more now!

Another key feature to bear in mind is having adequate range. The range within which training usually occurs happens to be fairly close. However, there are instances when it is necessary to issue corrections when the dog is relatively far such as when hanging out at a dog park or when the dog is learning to retrieve. Modern dog shock collars operate at ranges of approximately 800 to 1000 feet, which is usually enough for most training circumstances. Some manufacturers appear to exaggerate the scale within which their shock collars operate, hence if one has a concrete distance requirement it will be necessary to select a collar that exhibits your preferred range by 10% to 20%. Looking for professional dog care services will ensure your dog is well mannered. Watch this video at for more insights about pets.

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